The saxon 70/900 AZ3 Refractor Telescope is a value-for-money telescope that gives good views of both land and sky.


This portable telescope comes with a multi-coated, achromatic objective lens of 70mm and a focal length of 900mm. The telescope's sturdy Alt-Azimuth mount allows you to move the scope up and down and left to right, making it easy to point at objects. 


Whether you're looking at landscape or the night sky, you'll get a great observing session out of the saxon 709AZ3 Refractor Telescope

saxon 709AZ3 Refractor Telescope

  • The dual-purpose saxon 70/900 AZ3 Refractor Telescope provides a great platform for both astronomy and terrestrial viewing.

    This easy-to-use telescope is suitable for observers of all ages. Weighing just under 10 kg, you can easily carry and transport this scope from the house to your intended viewing site. Have fun with the family observing nature during the day and the Moon at night.

    The saxon 709AZ3 Refractor Telescope comes with:

    • 70mm aperture
    • 900mm focal length
    • Alt-Azimuth AZ3 mount
    • 1.25" Super eyepieces
    • 45 degree erect prism diagonal
    • 5x24 finderscope
    • Aluminium tripod with accessory tray.

    Perfect for beginner observers.